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Audio provided by Bill Shaw

Jesus you were filled with grief at the death of Lazarus your friend

You told us that those who mourned would be comforted

We need that comfort now

We need it in a way that non of us have known before

Death us visiting us in such an unexpected way

We were unprepared

Nothing we have known before could have prepared us for this

Be with all we have lost

Lead them safely home to Your Father

We leave them all in your care

Shower them in your tender mercies

In this time without touch let us feel wrapped in your arms

Wake from the back of the boat Jesus and calm this storm that threatens us.

When Thomas asked for proof you did not refuse him

You simply revealed your love to him

Right now doubt is knocking at our door too

We need to feel your touch

We need to know you are there

Send Your Spirit to strengthen us, to bring us courage, to grant us some peace

Watch with us, wait with us, be with us